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Message from the Director

Nagatoshi Nagahata, Ph.D
Director, International Education & Exchange Center
Vice Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Humanities

Director Nagahata

The International Education & Exchange Center (IEEC) to Nagoya University was established in October 2013 after the former Education Center for International Students having been restructured and enlarged. As the other institute belonging to the administrative office for international education and exchange, the International Language Center was established at the same time, which is to take in charge education of Japanese and other languages.

The principal mission of the IEEC is to give general support to the international activities, which college students are expected to perform. The center is composed of four sections: department of international program, department of international education & exchange, department of advising & counseling services and NU abroad. These units greatly contribute, with mutual understanding and appropriate cooperation, to the effectual international activities of our university in such fields as accepting international students, providing them with supports for their studies, daily lives, job hunting. Sending Japanese students to foreign universities is also what the center takes charge of.

In September 2016, Nagoya University was accepted as a member of the Top Global University project promoted by the government and is now trying to make, as one of the major universities to carry out distinguished education and research at a worldwide level, further progress of internationalization. Academic performances in universities essentially having a universal character, it is natural for as many results as possible of international exchanges to be made profit of. And it is human entities like university staff and students that take in charge not only of academic activities but also of their applications. Therefore without these human subjects performing international activities, no true internationalization of any university is to be expected.

In fact, Japan has succeeded in attaining originality and refinement in her culture by sending students to and accepting sophisticated human resources from China where highly developed civilization prospered. The Renaissance period in Europe saw humanists like Erasmus went to various parts to make discussions with other scholars using Latin, the universal tool for communication at that time. Such international activities enabled the European world to reactivate liberal academic researches, which had fallen into stagnation during the middle ages.

Thus by accepting different cultures and languages as well as by sending people and information to other parts of the world, human beings are allowed to develop even higher civilization than otherwise. Nagoya University has been making great contributions both to education and to academic researches in the world, but still greater contributions than have ever been made will become possible by our strenuous efforts to realize further internationalization. I believe that the IEEC will be of great help to enhance international activities by Nagoya University.

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