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Information on Admission
Graduate Program

Bio-agricultual Science Law
Economics Letter
Education & Human Development Mathematics
Engineering Medicine
Environmental Studies Pharmaceutical Sciences
Information Science Science
International Development

Bio-agricultural Sciences
Biosphere Resources Science
Resources Cycling System
Bio-resource Production and Agroecology
Regional Resources Management
Biological Material Sciences
Ecosystem Conservation
Biological Mechanisms & Functions
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Bio-functions Development
Bio-resource Functions
Applied Molecular Bio-sciences
Bio-functional Chemistry
Applied Biochemistry
Applied Genetics and Physiology
Bioengineering Sciences
Socioeconomic Science of Bio-agriculture
Plant and Animal Production
Molecular Cell Function
Plant Genomics
International Cooperation in Agricultural Sciences
The System of Economics Society
Analysis of Markets and Institutions
Socio-economic Analysis
Analysis of the System of Policy Making
Socio-Environmental System
The system of Management Industry
Corporate System
Management Innovation
Creation of Information
Education & Human Development
Educational Sciences
Lifelong Education and Development
School Education and Information Sciences
Foundations of Education and Human Development
Higher Education
Sport and Exercise Science
Psychology & Human Developmental Sciences
Psychological Sciences
Human Development and Clinical Psychology
Sport Behavioral Science
Graduate Program for Adult Students
Lifelong Learning Program
Human Psychology Program
Counseling and Psychotherapy Program
Educational Leadership and Management Program
Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Applied Chemistry
Chemical Engineering
Materials, Physics and Energy Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Applied Physics
Quantum Science and Energy Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Communications and Computer Science
Mechanical Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Science
Mechano-Informatics and Systems
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Environmental Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Chronolgy & Natural History
Climate Science
Earth and Planetary Dynamics
Earth and Planetary Physics
Earth Environmental Systems
Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Geology and Geobiologye
Global Environmental Variation
Global Geochemistry
Global Water Cycle
Radiation and Life science
Environmental Engineering and Architecture
Architectual and Environmental Design
Building Structure and Construction Systems
Environmental and Safety Management
Environmental Systems and Planning
Function Materials and Environment
Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Management
Material-Systems Science in Environment
Sustainable Urban Development
Social and Human Environment
Economic Environment
Environmental Policies
Law and Politics
Information Science

International Development
International Communication
International Co-operation
International Development
Core Law and Political Science
Contemporary legal Systems
International Comparative and Political Science
Asian Law and Political Science
Art History and Archaeology
Comparative Studies of Humanities
Japanese Culture
Japanese History
Japanese Literature and Linguistics
Oriental History
Western Literature and Linguistics
World History
Basic Medicine
Biological Chemistry
Microbiology and Immunology
Advanced Medical Science
Laboratory Animal Science
Aging Research
AIDS Research
Cell Science
Higher Nervous Control
Regulation of Organ Function
Molecular and Cellular Adaptation
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Cancer Genetics
Social Life Science
Health Promotion Medicine
Clinical Medicine
Internal Medicine
Clinical Oncology and Chemotherapy
High-Technology Applivcation of Medicine
Clinical Neuroscience
Head and Neck and Sensory Organ Medicine
Musculoskeletal and Cutaneous Medicine
Biomedical Regulation
Clinical Management Medicine
Medicine in Growth and Aging
Material and Perinatal Care
Child and Adolescent Psychiarty
Comprehensive Ambulatory Medicine
Clinical Pharmacology
Molecular Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology
Pharmaceutical R and D
Pharmaceutical Management
Health Science
Radiological and Medical Laboratory Sciences
Physical and Occupational Therapy
Pharmaceutical Science
Pharmaceutical Science
Organic Chemistry
Structural Biology
Unit of Industry, Government and Academia
Collaboration for Drug Innovation
Industry and Academia Cooperation Research Project
Material Science(Physics)
Elementary Particle and Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Cosmology and Astrophysics
Gravity Plasma and Non-Linear Physics
Complex Physics
Material Science(Chemistry)
Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Physical Chemistry
Inorganics and Analytical Chemistry
Biological Science
Molecular Genetics
Molecular Information and Cellular Regulation
Developmental Biology
Bio-molecular Architecture
Genetic Mechanisms
Supramolecular Biology
Cell Regulation
Biological Systems
Sugashima Marine Biological Labolatory
The Center for Gene Research
Bio-science and Biotechnology Center
Particle and Astrophysical Science

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