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Tuition and Other Fees
Tuition and other Fees (as of April, 2011)
Student Status Application Fee (yen) Registration Fee (yen) Tuition Fee (yen)
Degree-Seeking Student
17,000 282,000 535,800 per year
Degree-Seeking Student
30,000 282,000 535,800 per year
Research Student (Post Undergraduate Degree)
Research Student (Post Master Degree)
 9,800  84,600 29,700 per month
Special Undergraduate Student  (Tokubetsu  Choko  Gakusei)
Special Graduate Student  (Daigakuin Tokubetsu  Choko  Gakusei)
- -
14,800 per unit
Special Research Student  (Tokubetsu Kenkyu Gakusei)
- -
29,700 per month
Japanese Language
Training Course Student
 9,900  43,500 30,200 per month
Japanese Lang. & Culture
Training Course Student
 9,800  84,600 29,700 per month
Payment of Tuition
Degree-seeking students should pay tuition for the spring semester by the end of April and for the fall semester by the end of October. The fee payments can be made by automatic bank transfer or by using a deposit slip. Research students, on the other hand, should pay the sum of 6-month tuition along with the registration fee at the time of admission. Afterwards, they will make payments in two installments (April and October) at the office of their school. Each will be the sum of 6-month tuition. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students are exempt from paying any fees.
  Disenrolment due to Non-Payment of Tuition
Students failing to pay tuition by the stipulated deadline will, under certain conditions, be disenrolled. Disenrolment takes place at the end of each semester.
Fee Exemptions
Independently-financed degree-seeking students, who demonstrate excellent academic records and are in need of financial assistance, are eligible to be considered for exemptions from half or the entire tuition. However, as the possibility of obtaining an exemption is low, it is advisable to prepare to pay the necessary fees. The application process of fee exemptions for both semesters takes place once a year, but the selection is done for each semester. Applications are generally accepted from the end of February to March. Please pay close attention to these deadlines. Students should contact the office of their school for further information.

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