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Job-hunting in Japan

 With the rapid progress in globalization among Japanese businesses, demand for the global human resources has been ever so growing over the years. More companies are eager to recruit international students as their future employees and more international students are willing to work in Japan after graduation.
 When it comes to the Japanese job-hunting (Shu-katsu), international students are often expected to have at least the business level Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N2 or higher) and understanding of Japanese culture. To land on a job you want, it is crucial that you understand the processes and be well-prepared before starting your job-search.
 Please refer to the followings for a brief job-hunting flow, career development support mechanisms available on-campus, and useful links for international students.

Job-hunting flow

Following chart describes a brief flow of Japanese job-hunting:

Understand your strengths, interests, and values
Industry・Corporate Exploration
Understand what kind of industries and jobs are out there
Resume・Cover Letter Preparation
Sell your potentials and competences
Written Exam
Measure your potentials and competences
Give corporate a presentation(s)
Accepting an Offer

 Job-hunting in Japan usually starts one and a half years before graduation. It may be quite surprising for most of you. Even Japanese students face tough times. International students often struggle to gather information, prepare documents, and take paper exams, as they are often available in Japanese only.
 Before you step into the world of Japanese job-hunting, take a moment to ask yourself, “Why do I want to work in Japan?” and “How do I want to build my career doing what job in what industry?”

Supports available in Nagoya University

 Nagoya University provides a various career support mechanisms to its students. Keep yourself updated with services and resources available at following offices and centers. Join their events, workshops, and information sessions proactively.

Career Services Office (CSO), Int’l Education & Exchange Center (IEEC)

The CSO provides a variety of career supports for students who would like to become global citizens and students in G30 International Programs. Corporate brochures and job-opening info are also available at the office.

Office: Rm. 107, IEEC Building (International Center)
Office Hours: Mon – Fri (Exc. National holidays) 10:00~16:00 (or by appointment)
Tel: 052-747-6768 Fax: 052-789-3517

Career Consulting Section, Center for Student Counseling

Career development advisors and full-time counselors with specialized knowledge and experience in career counseling are available here. The center offers a various career seminars in collaboration with the Career Development Office and Career Services Office.

Office: B-Wing, Engineering Bldg. #7
Office Hours: Mon – Fri (Exc. National holidays) 10:00~17:00
Tel: 052-789-2176 (Available in Japanese only)

Career Development Office, Student Welfare Division

There are various career support programs and services organized by the Career Development Office throughout the year. Individual career counseling and mock interviews are also available. Although their Services are provided mainly in Japanese, we strongly encourage international students to visit the Career Development Office on regular basis. Check out career-related books and articles; browse job-openings and internship information at the office. Please visit their website for further details.

Office: B-Wing, Engineering Bldg. #7
Office Hours: Mon – Fri (Exc. National holidays) 10:00~17:15
Tel: 052-789-2176 (Available in Japanese only)

Business Capacity Development Center

Business Capacity Development Center supports postdoctoral (Ph.D.) fellows and students in building their career paths. Please visit their website for further details.

Office: Incubation Building
Tel: 052-74706490 Fax: 052-788-6018


 Joining internship will be a great opportunity for international students to have a glimpse of what it is like to work for a Japanese company.

Internship Program for International Students

Nagoya University encourages international students to participate in “Internship Program for International Students” hosted by the Aichi Prefectural Government which takes place during Spring and Summer breaks. Please visit “Aichi Prefectural Government International Affairs” and “Nagoya Employment Service Center for Foreigners” websites introduced at the bottom.

Internship Programs for Nagoya University Students

 The Career Support Office holds prep sessions, provides individual counseling, and follow-up sessions every year to ensure students to take full advantage of their internship experiences. Visit their website for further details.
 Each Schools/Departments may own internship information as well. Check their bulletin boards once in a while. There may be posts regarding internship opportunities.

Other internship opportunities

You may also obtain internship information through company websites and job information websites. Keep yourself updated with the latest information available to you.

Changing your visa status

International students are required to change their visa status from “College Student” to an applicable visa status in order to stay in Japan after graduation. Screening processes for change of the visa status of usually take 1 - 3 months. Check application procedures carefully to see which documents are necessary and prepare them promptly. Consult the Nagoya Immigration Bureau for further details.

To continue job-hunting after graduation

You may apply to change your visa status from “College Student” to “Designated Activities (to continue on seeking employment)” to keep on job-hunting for a designated period after graduating Nagoya University. You will be asked to submit documents verifying your continued job-hunting activities. Do not delete or throw away emails and screening result documents from companies you have applied.

To change your visa to a work permitted visa

In order to work in Japan, international students are required to change their status of residence from “College Student” to an applicable work permitted visa. Some documents are to be prepared by employers. Visit Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau website for further details.

Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice


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