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Course registration, completion and examination requirements vary according to the student’s school and status. Students are therefore advised to consult with the office of their school with regard to the above.
The following briefly explains items that are most likely to be of concern to international students.

1. Academic Advisors

Students encountering difficulties with regard to their studies or campus life, are encouraged to make an appointment with their academic advisor for assistance. Since there are slight differences in this system depending on school and student status, the office of your school should be consulted for further information.

2. Degrees

Degrees will be granted to undergraduate and graduate students who have completed the necessary courses in the given amount of time, earned the required number of credits, and satisfied the requirements of the school. Contact the office of your school for further details.

3. Tutors

All international students will be able to receive tutoring in their major field of study and research by a graduate student for one year (two years for undergraduate students) after arriving in Japan. International students who meet the necessary requirements are also eligible to be assigned as tutors to other international students. Ask the office of your school for further information.

Tutor Handbook2017 (24.3MB)
Outlines of the tutor system (p.80--p.83 of the Tutor Handbook) for presentation is available
(in English 668KB / in Japanese 696KB)

4. Learning other Foreign Languages

Foreign languages other than Japanese are taught by the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures.Students wishing to enroll in these courses should register by the given deadline, and in some cases, take a placement test (special undergraduate, graduate and research students are not eligible to register).Information on courses and registration procedures can be found in the Graduate School of Languages and Cultures leaflet published in March and September.

5. Teaching Assistants (TA)

Students in either Master’s or Ph. D.programs may apply for TA positions and assist in undergraduate seminars and other classes. Ph. D. candidates qualify to hold TA positions in graduate courses as well.Students are advised to inquire at the office or their school for further details with regard to eligibility and application procedures.

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