NUSTEPNagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program


The Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP) offers two week of intensive Japanese classes. Participants will join specialized lectures by faculty and visit some of the laboratories on campus. We aim to promote a greater understanding of Japanese culture and society.
The program also provides various on and off-campus activities such as cultural excursions, field trips, exchanges and discussions with Nagoya University students. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.


Noriaki Matsuo

  • International Admissions & Academic Services, International Education & Exchange Center
    Designated Lecturer, Coordinator of Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP)

I am in charge of Nagoya University Short-Term Japanese Language Program (NUSTEP).
I have been interested in international Exchange and Japanese language education since my undergraduate year. And I have taught Japanese language in Thailand, Japan and Vietnam for about 10 years.
This program will provide the opportunities that you can use Japanese language that you have studied in your home countries. I want you to understand “what you can study in Nagoya University” throughout this program and hope you will be willing to study at this attractive university in the future.

Summer 2017: Japanese Lecuturer

Nanae Fukutomi   *Japanese Language Instructor

I studied Japanese Language Education at university and in graduate school. I have taught Japanese at universities in Nagoya, Tokyo and Kyushu for about 10 years. My particular area of study is Japanese conversation and Japanese phonetics. I hope my students will obtain a wider world view and will build a strong tie with Japan through learning the Japanese language, Japanese culture and society in Nagoya. Also I wish that my students will gain a positive experience from interacting and communicating with Japanese people as much as possible. Let’s share a great two weeks in Japan.

Akemi Yasui   *Japanese Language Instructor

After working for a number of years in the business sector, I have taught at many institutions in Japan and even in Korea, and after that I started teaching at Nagoya University for the global 30 International Japanese Program. Over the past few years I have been working on developing teaching materials.
Nagoya has a very hot summer, but I do hope you will enjoy learning Japanese and experience the charms of Aichi. I hope you rise to the challenge of learning Japanese through the NUSTEP program and may your experience in Japan be a positive step to a bright and promising future. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Kaori Suzuki   *Japanese Language Instructor

Japanease Lecuturer (past program)

Jun Kato   *Japanese Language Instructor NUSTEP 2016 Spring ProgramNUSTEP 2017 Spring Program

As a Japanese language instructor at Nagoya University I teach mainly Business Japanese and Academic Japanese classes. Initially I was an office worker in Nagoya but realized my ambitions lay elsewhere, so I trained to become a Japanese language teacher. I studied Japanese linguistics while teaching Japanese, then I completed my Ph.D. at Nagoya University in 2011. My particular area of study is Japanese honorifics. I have been teaching Japanese in several universities over the last ten years and I hope you are interested in, not only the Japanese language but also the culture and society of Japan. I was born and raised in Nagoya, and I am also researching the local dialect and cuisine. It is my pleasure to help you learn how to use natural and appropriate expressions depending on the context through using Japanese.

Yukiko Tsubaki   *Japanese Language Instructor NUSTEP 2016 Spring ProgramNUSTEP 2017 Spring Program

I teach Japanese to exchange students and graduate students at Nagoya University where I have taught Japanese for 27 years. My teaching specialty is Japanese conversation. I studied communication strategy in graduate school.
I believe the students rather than the teacher should be the center of the class. I prefer to teach a class where the students actively learn by themselves, in a way that is academically rigorous and fun. I see my work as helping the student acquire Japanese which can be used in a real-life situation.
I am looking forward to teaching Japanese at NUSTEP. I am sure we will have an enjoyable time.

Izumi Hasuike   *Japanese Language Instructor NUSTEP 2016 Summer Program

I completed my post-graduate studies in Japanese language education at Nagoya University and I have been teaching Japanese at several schools in Japan and Korean universities. For the last three years I have been teaching mainly academic Japanese courses to foreign students who want to go on to graduate schools in Japan. You may not be confident speaking Japanese at first, but as you practice, you will become more and more comfortable expressing yourself. I hope you will enjoy learning the Japanese language and culture at NUSTEP, and also that you have fun communicating with other people in Japanese during your stay in Japan.