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About Nagoya and Nagoya University

About Nagoya

Located in central Japan along the Pacific coast, the city of Nagoya has a population of 2.3 million people and is the country’s third largest metropolitan area. The Nagoya region is the hub of Japanese business and industry, a vital part of the country’s economic strength. Corporate offices, manufacturing plants and research and design centers as well as over 100 global enterprises are headquartered in the Greater Nagoya area.

The city boasts an advanced urban infrastructure. A network of 6 subway, 3 railway and convenient bus lines enable easy travel throughout the city. Downtown Nagoya is only a short subway ride from the Nagoya University campus. By Shinkansen bullet train, Tokyo is an accessible 1.5 hours and Kyoto only 40 minutes away. Nagoya incorporates vibrant urbanity and unique cultural heritage within an attractive natural environment. The city is surrounded by mountains and sea providing outdoor and cultural activities throughout the year.

Beyond campus, students exploring Nagoya enjoy diverse experiences including: viewing sakura cherry blossoms and momiji maple leaves, sampling regional cuisine (such as kishimen, misonikomi udon noodles, miso-katsu), discovering hidden traditional streetscapes and visiting historical sites such as Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine.

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