Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Programs (交換留学プログラム)

*Government-sponsored students (Kokuhi Ryugakusei) are not eligible to apply for the exchange program.
  • The Inter-University Agreement / University-wide

    Student exchange is a system based on The Inter-University Agreement that exchanges students between our university and another (overseas partner university). It allows them to take classes as "exchange students" at the partner universities they are sent to for a given period of time (1 or 2 semesters).

    Nagoya University has agreed upon the "Tuition Waiver System" with most of our partner universities. When a student is sent to a university where this system is applied, he/she is not obliged to pay any tuition to that partner university during the study abroad period other than what must be paid to Nagoya University.

  • The Inter-School Agreement

    For information or application related to The Inter-School Agreement, students are requested to contact the departments or graduate schools they belong to since each has its own terms.

    A. How to apply for the program
    (The Inter - Univerisity Agreement)

    1. Make a reservation for individual consultation (abroad* Please change * to @ when you email us.)
    2. Entry your information data into the web system.
    3. Submit your documents directly to the Study Abroad Office,  Global Engagement Center (International Center 1F).
    4. Screening of application documents will be conducted first. Then, applicants will be selected through interviews.
    5. Candidates are nominated as exchange students through Study Abroad Office.
    6. You are required to attend all orientations before leaving for study abroad.

    B. Online registration and application documents

    *You need both web registration and submission of documents before the dead line.

    *Government-sponsored students (Kokuhi Ryugakusei) are not eligible to apply for the exchange program.

    1. E-mail with completed message from the web system*
    2. Academic transcript (available from MyNU) 
    3. A copy of your passport(photocopy on A4-paper)
    4. A copy of your language score*
    5. ID photo (4×3)

    *Print an e-mail with completed message, you will receive a message from the system.

    *Language Skill Score Report (IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, etc) to be submitted in the case where your chosen university has defined language scores in the requirements to apply.

    C. Selection Schedule, Language Proficiency and GPA Score Requirements

    The list is based on the latest information (it will be regularly updated) from the respective partner universities. Nevertheless, when applying, we advise that you confirm the original information posted on the websites of those universities.

    *Certificate, etc. of the language examination must accompany your application when applying to a partner university on the "List of Partner Universities Offering Study Abroad Programs" that requires language skills.

    on-campus screening

    fall spring
    List for destinations - April 17
    Deadline November June 12
    Paper-screening result announcement November
    June 14
    Interview November June 24-26
    Final decision announcement December
    June 28
    Leave for study abroad from August to October from January to March
    *The destination for spring is only Australia, Korea, Brazil and South Africa

    D. Status While Studying Abroad
    Your enrollment status at our university will be "studying abroad" if you will be studying abroad at a partner university under the Tuition Waiver Agreement. Based on this agreement, tuition does not have to be paid to the partner university. However, your status will not be "leave of absence" because tuition must be paid to Nagoya University. As for your status during and after studying abroad as well as your course plan, make sure that you consult your instructor or the curriculum coordinator of your department in advance.

    E. Scholarships

    Candidates of both the scholarships mentioned in (1) (2) are decided by considering the applicants' academic achievements, etc. Applications are also accepted for exchange programs based on inter-school partnership schools (Contact your department for information).

    1. Nagoya University Scholarship
      A part of your travel expense will be provided and there is no repayment obligation. Moreover, this scholarship is applicable to foreign students.

    2. JASSO Scholarship
      Applicants must be Japanese citizens or those with permanent residence. A monthly fee of 60,000-100,000 yen ( depends on the country where you go) will be provided during the period you are studying abroad at the partner university. There is no repayment obligation. Obtaining scholarships at the same time from other organizations exceeding 60,000-100,000 yen is not permitted.

    3. JASSO Scholarship Category 2
      This is an interest-bearing scholarship loan that may be provided to a student during the period (3 months - 1 year) he/she is attending a partner university. Refer to the website for more information regarding this system.

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